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Osbourn High School Twitter Assignment

I have been a teacher in the Science Department at OHS Since 1994 shortly after I graduated with a degree in Chemistry.  After starting to teach Physics in 2001 I went back to school and graduate in 2007 with a Masters of Arts in Physics Education  which has led to me teaching a mix of both Chemistry and Physics at various levels. For me science has always been fascinating because it explains how everything around me works and it is my goal to pass on that appreciation to all of my students.

Class Schedule:

G1: Chemistry              B1: Planning

G2: Physics                  B2: Chemistry

G3: Planning                B3: Physics

G4: Chemistry              B4: AP Chemistry



For Each class I keep an updated Google Classroom where I list all the homework that is to be completed and also post PDF recordings of all the class notes and lectures.  If you are in one of my classes please make sure to sign up and use this resource.  If you are parent of a student in one of my classes and you have not yet signed up for notifications please email me with your childs name and block and I will send you an invite so you can get emails of the work assigned in class.

Classroom codes are listed below:

G1: vvi71zp

G2: bhre0zb

G4: p8nzj9w

B2: 9fwpty

B3: 51nhe27

B4: ygggdd


To listen to the class notes you need to download the "notes and lecture" file to your computer or tablet, open a browser window to livescribe.com/player and then drag the file into the browser window.  You will then be able to hear the leacture and see the notes that were given during class.  This is perfect if you forget how to do something or miss a class since you can still hear and see all the explanations.


Find Your School and/or Bus Assignment
Manassas City Public Schools makes every effort to assure the accuracy of information provided. Bus route and schedule information is maintained and communicated through a third party web query software. Please visit the link below to find out your child's bus stop information by address:

Find My Bus Route/Schedule


***For students with special needs, please call Transportation Department Operations Specialist Ralph Cataneo at 571-377-6091 for bus route information.

  • All students need to be out at their bus stops ten minutes prior to their pick-up times. 
  • For  kindergarten students or younger, parents/legal guardians need to be at their student's bus stop in the afternoon in order to meet their children.  The only exception to this, is if the kindergarten or younger student's older sibling rides the same bus and gets off at the same stop location.

Bus Route Information
Manassas City Public Schools Department of Transportation utilizes route changers in order to better serve our students and community.  Route changers are display devices placed on both sides and the back of buses to show the route that the bus is running.  These devices also help eliminate confusion when a bus needs repairs and cannot be used.  The substitute bus will display the route number on the route changer, making it easy for students to identify their bus.

Every student that is transported to and/or from school by a school bus is assigned a stop and route.  With safety as our number one consideration, it is important for school staff to know the identity of students on every bus so that parents may be contacted more expediently in the event of an emergency.  It is necessary that every student goes to his/her assigned stop and ride the assigned bus.  Together, we can keep students and the community safe!





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