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Cs507 Assignment No 5% Solution Means

Dear VU Students here you read very important news about the 9th Convocation of Karachi. Please read complete article. Touch our website our website team provides you everything about Virtual University of Pakistan.

Virtual University of Pakistan commemorated 9th convocation for its students from Sindh at Regent Plaza Hotel, Main Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi on February 28, 2018.

As many as 437 students were conferred degrees for the successful completion of various degree programs. Furthermore, 8 Gold Medals and 15 Merit Certificates were also awarded to outstanding graduates. An audience included proud parents, members of faculty, eminent personalities from academia, corporate and public sector attended the event.

In his welcome address, Dr. Naveed A. Malik, Rector Virtual University of Pakistan, congratulated students, their parents, and wished them a prosperous future. He admired the students honored with gold medals and merit certificates for their dedication and outstanding achievements in their academic career.

Dr. Naveed A. Malik highlighted the achievements of Virtual University, its leading role in delivering information and communication technology based education and contribution in the provision of quality education even to the remotest areas of the country.

Former Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, was the Chief Guest at the Convocation. The chief guest emphasized the importance of higher education and the significance of research and development for the progress of the country. He said that Virtual University has a distinctly reputed place in the list of top national universities.  He advised the students to contribute towards scientific and technological development of the country through their ability, dignity, determination and commitment.

Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, along with Dr. Naveed A. Malik distributed awards to the high achievers to celebrate dedication in their respective disciplines. 

CS507 - Information Systems Assignment No. 2 Solution and Discussion Spring 2017 Due Date: May 27, 2017 

Assignment No.2


Semester Spring 2017
Information System– CS507

Total Marks: 20

Due Date:26/05/2017


Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment:

  1. 1.     The assignment will not be accepted after due date.
  2. 2.     Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment that does not open or the file is corrupt.
  3. 3.     The assignment file must be an MS Word (.doc) file format; Assignment will not be accepted in any other format.
  4. 4.     Don not send or attach Excel file.
  5. 5.     Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment if copied (from other student or copied from handouts or internet).
  6. 6.     Zero marks will be awarded to the assignment if the Student ID is not mentioned in the assignment file.

For any query about the assignment, contact only at CS507@vu.edu.pk

Do not post queries related to assignment on MDB.


Assignment Statement

 By using What-If Analysis tool in Excel, you can use several different sets of values in
one or more formulas to explore all the various results. What-If Analysis allows you to try out different values (scenarios) for formulas.

Scenario is a set of values that Excel saves and can substitute automatically on your worksheet. You can create and save different groups of values as scenarios and then switch between these scenarios to view different results.

Scenarios are managed with the Scenario Manager wizard from the What-If Analysis group on the Data tab.

Suppose you own a Computer store and have 200 computers in storage. You sell a certain % for the highest price of 1000Rs and a certain % for the lower price of 500Rs. If you sell 60% for the highest price, cell E11 calculates a total profit of 60 * 1000 + 40 * 500 = 160000.

 What if you sell 70% for the highest price? And what if you sell 80% for the highest price? Or even 90%? Each different percentage is a different scenario.

Q No 1:

You are required to add 4 scenarios 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% by using Scenario Manager. After adding scenarios, take screenshot of the scenario manager and paste it here.    (Marks = 10)

Q No 2:

Take screenshot of scenario summary showing all the scenarios that you have added to the scenario manager and paste it here. (Marks = 10)

                                                                                                ___The end___

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