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La Swap Sixth Form Summer Assignments Clip

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Expand students’ cultural horizons by shaping a fun dialogue-writing exercise around Guy Fawkes Night, a November 5 historical observance that’s popular in England.

Harry Potter Inspires: Design a Wizard Sports Team
In this lesson for grades K-2, students use creativity, reasoning and language skills to develop a new sports team.

Lesson Plan Booster: Surprising Origins of Famous Fiction

Students draw inspiration from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in order to jump-start their own creative writing process.

Harry Potter Inspires: Character Sketch for a New Wizard
In this writing and literature lesson for grades 5-8, students create a new character that would fit into the wizard world.

Creating a Poetry Collection
In this lesson, which encourages students to think about the sounds of poems, students use lip-syncing software to produce an animated talking head.

Community Scavenger Hunt Teaches Research Skills, Much More
When armies of students descend on local libraries, it has to be time for the State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt. The three-day event challenges kids to track down answers to a series of questions. The results include improved research skills, priceless memories.

100 Years Ago in History
Start the new year by investigating events that happened 100 years ago this year. (Grades 5-12)

From the Land, Of the Land: An Interdisciplinary Lesson on Indigenous Peoples
Energize a geography or language arts lesson with this online activity for grades 7-12. Students research the concept of indigenous people then write a diamante poem about what they've learned. Both the research and the poem creation are done online.

Jet-Setting Pets
In this lesson, K-5 students select a pet and a travel destination, then find four things the pet could do at that locale. Designed for use with Inspiration/Kidspiration, the lesson can be adapted for use with other programs.

This Bird Can Blog!
Want to improve your students' quality and quantity of writing? Check out this lesson plan for grades 3-5! Students assume the persona of a real or imagined classroom pet and write a blog describing daily activities in the classroom.

Daily Language Practice Builds Skills, Test Scores
Turn daily language practice into a game, build test scores too. (Grades 3-12)

Scriptwriting with a Wiki
This middle- and high-school lesson plan uses a wiki -- a Web site that allows users to add and edit content collectively -- to write a one-act play.

Biography Brainstorm: Using Word and the Web to Jumpstart Research
Students use Internet resources and Microsoft Word drawing tools to brainstorm (through webbing) questions about a person they will research and write about.

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words
In this interdisciplinary lesson, K-8 students try to interpret what pictographs -- pictures that symbolize a word or concept -- really mean. Then they write sentences using their own pictograph system.

What's the Word?
In this activity for grades 3-8, students define 4-5 vocabulary words, use a free online tool to create crossword puzzles with the words, and then share their puzzles for review.

Portrait of a Hero
Students select and research someone they consider a hero and then use facts about that person and quotes by that person to create micrographic portraits.

As Easy as A, B, C
Are your students learning their ABCs? Then check out these easy-to-use and fun Web sites filled with ideas for teaching and learning the alphabet. Whether you make the sites available in a computer center or display them on a projector, something valuable is just a click away!

No Place Like Home
Students learn to "read" digital content as they analyze photographs of high plains sod homes and read accompanying narratives. They then choose one photograph and identify characteristics, points, differences, and questions they find in that photograph.

A Lesson in Proofing
Students in middle and high school learn to use Word's Find/Replace feature to check written work, increase accuracy, and improve their grades. Teachers might want to use the feature too.

Teaching Writing on a Computer
Students love seeing their work in print, so why not have them write some of their work on the computer? Walk students through the basics of typing and saving on a computer.

Edit Essays with Word Tables
Still grading essays, red ink pen in hand? Next time your students have an essay due, ask them to submit their work in Word, help them identify their grammar and spelling errors, and then have them correct those errors using Word's table feature.

Fun Activities Get the School Year Off to a Good Start!
Every teacher has a different approach to the first few days of school. Whatever your approach, Education World has an activity for you!

Books Give Us Wings
In this Letters About Literature lesson, students read and discuss letters written by young readers to the authors of books that "gave them wings."

Will the Leaning Tower Fall?
Students in grades 9-12 research the Tower of Pisa and write a report about its history. They examine the physics of why the Tower leans and whether it might fall. Finally, they plan a trip to Italy to see the Tower, developing an itinerary and budget for the trip.

A Favorite Poem
Students explore a variety of poems, find one poem they feel a particular connection to, and share that poem by reading it aloud to their classmates. Students then create videos of their readings to share with other classes.

Create A Poetry Calendar
In this lesson, students research, design, and create a school-year calendar based on the work of famous poets. The activity, which can take 4-5 class periods to complete, is a great culminating activity for a poetry unit for grades 3-12.

Quilting Connections
Help your K-8 class celebrate Women's History Month. Students research an influential woman, then create on the computer a quilt block with text and graphics. Quilt blocks are then printed and combined to form a quilt of connections.

Definition Expedition
Students in grades 9-12 learn three ways to define a term in technical writing, search the Web for scientific text, then copy and paste sections into a Word document. Finally, they use the highlighter feature of Word to highlight examples of definitions within the text.  

Write a Number Story
Make writing across content areas fun with this K-3 computer activity. Students use AppleWorks (or Office) to write and illustrate number stories. The stories then are used to create a Keynote or PowerPoint show and displayed for the class (or parents!) to see and share.

Poetry From Photos: A Lesson on the Great Depression.
Getting information from the Internet often is just a copy and paste operation. The challenge for teachers is to teach students to apply and extend what they learn online. In this lesson, students view photographs of migrant families during the Great Depression, try to interpret the photos to answer questions about the subject's life, and then write a cinquain poem based on their interpretations.

PowerPoint Poetry Slam
Make poetry come alive with this English lesson for grades 7-12. In a unique twist to a standard poetry reading, students select poems, create PowerPoint presentations that use graphics and text to enhance their poems, and then display those presentations as they read their poems aloud.

Prehistoric Pen Pals
Students research dinosaurs, then assume the personality of a specific dinosaur species in this lesson for grades 3-5. Each student/dinosaur writes an online "getting to know you" letter to another student/dinosaur in class. Students swap letters and reply to each other's questions, improving research and letter writing skills while learning fun dinosaur facts.

The News Behind the (Short) Story
Transform students from passive readers to gritty journalists. In this lesson, students read a short story, then create a one-page newspaper depicting the facts of the fictional story as real-life events. Included: Links to an online newspaper template as well as to a classic short story site are included.

Take the Polar Express to Learning
Polar Express, the movie, arrives in movie theaters nationwide on November 10. Don't miss the movie and the opportunity to take advantage of this "teachable moment." Included: Education World connects you to lessons, resources.

Illustrating Illustrating Student Writing in Grades 1-3
In this lesson, students type in Microsoft Word a descriptive paragraph about a person or other creature they would most like to meet. They then draw in Microsoft Paint a picture of that person and/or of their meeting, and insert the image into the Word document.

What's New? Translating Foreign Newspapers With Word
Engage students while practicing translation skills. This activity helps foreign language students decode newspaper articles from around the world using Microsoft Word's Text-to-Table tool.

How Does it End? A Lesson in Creativity
Put students' creative talents to work by having them compose their own endings to a read-aloud story. Students use drawing software, such as Paint or AppleWorks, to draw, or write and draw, what they want to happen at the end of the story.

Celebrating Asian and Pacific-Island Heritage
Each May -- during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month -- we recognize the special contributions of people of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. The lessons here introduce students to famous Asian Americans and explore their origins and their literature.

A Puzzle A Day Provides Practice That Pays
Puzzles exercise students' critical thinking skills while providing practice in many curriculum areas. Puzzles make great "bellringer" activities. Introduce a puzzle a day: A puzzle a day provides practice that pays Included: A year of puzzles!

Teaching Grammar Without the Hammer: Five Fun Activities
Learning grammar has been compared to other fun things -- like having teeth pulled or being assigned detention. But it needn't be a painful experience with these five lessons that teach grammar -- without the hammer!

Word Wall "Active-ities" Build Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing Skills
A classroom word wall has many uses. A wide variety of activities and games can be used to reinforce vocabulary words on the wall -- and to build students' vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills. Included: Teachers share favorite word wall activities.

Celebrate Books: A (Book) Week of Fun!
The calendar might identify November 17-23 as Children's Book Week, but for most teachers -- always on the lookout for new ideas to promote literacy -- every week is Book Week. Education World offers five new lessons for a week of reading fun.

Take Note: Five Lessons for Note Taking Fun
If recent surveys are any indicator, cheating and plagiarism are on the rise. As teachers, however, we might be able to reverse that trend by teaching our students to take good notes. Included: Five fun lessons that teach needed note-taking skills.


Spotlight on Spelling
Each May, the National Spelling Bee is held in Washington, D.C. Since most of your students won't be there, this week we offer lesson plans to help put them there next year! Included: Five new lesson plans plus links to many more. Voice of Experience: Revisiting Walden Pond in 2003
If your students were to head for a modern-day Walden Pond, what would they take with them? Kathleen Modenbach shares an activity that helped her students grasp Thoreau's sacrifices and appreciate his work. Included: Cross-curricular activities extend the lesson.

What is the Most Serious Problem Facing Earth? -- An Education World WebQuest
In this special Earth Day WebQuest, student teams research a critical threat to Earth's environment as they vie for $1 million in funding from the fictional Help Our World (HOW) Foundation. Included: student work sheets, lots of Earth Day resources, more.

Reviving Reviews: Refreshing Ideas Students Can't Resist
Is review time a deadly bore for you and your students? Add a little fun to review time and you might be surprised. Games will spice up reviews, revive interest, and ensure retention! Included: Five activities for use in all subjects, all grades!

Its Up for Debate!
Debates are a staple of middle and high school social studies classes. But have you ever thought about using debates at the lower grades -- or in math class? Education World offers five debate strategies and extra lessons for students of all ages.

Special Reading Fun for Read Across America Day
Each March, on Dr. Seusss birthday, schools celebrate Read Across America Day. This week, Education World recognizes this special day with five new reading lesson plans plus links to dozens of great reading projects culled from our archive.

It's a Mystery!
If it seems that something has been sneaking up on you this month, it is probably Kids Love a Mystery Week! Included: Five mysterious lessons -- focused on language arts, history, and forensic science -- to ignite critical thinking and spark interest in reading.

Winter Wonderland -- Lessons for Frosty Days!
Though the weather outside is frightful, wintry lessons are delightful! Whether the topic is snow, cold, or other icy treats, winter is a frosty focus that will motivate and entertain your class. Bundle up and brace for wild, windy, weather outside while showing your students the best of winter activities indoors! Included: Five lessons that make winter a winning subject!

Better Book Reports: 25 More Ideas!
Tired of the same old book report formats? This week, Education World presents a sequel to its popular "Better Book Reports -- 25 Ideas! article. Are you ready for 25 more practical book report ideas?

By the Book -- Activities for Book Week!
"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket" -- but getting kids to crack open books is often no walk in the park! During this year's observance of Children's Book Week, share the wonder and magic of books. Included: Five language arts lessons you'll want to "bookmark"!

Spice Up Your Spelling Lessons
Are you looking for ways to spice up boring old spelling routines? This week, Education World offers five activities to help you do just that!

Better Letters: Lesson Plans for Teaching Letter Writing
Is letter writing a lost art? This week Education World provides five new lessons to revive student interest in writing friendly letters. These letter-writing lessons are sure to get your stamp of approval!

Once Upon a Time
Activities to teach fables, fairy tales, folktales, myths, and more.

Turn Your Students Into Well-Versed Poets
In celebration of National Poetry Month, Education World offers more than 20 poetry lesson plans to help teachers integrate poetry into their classrooms and develop "well-versed" students. Stage a poetry slam for profit, find the funniest poems around, write synonym poems, more!

More 'Write' Stuff!
Engage students with writing activities that involve them in writing round-robin stories, "indescribably" excellent descriptions, persuasive alien essays, tabloid news stories, and books about younger students they interview.

Make the 'Write' Impression!
According to the NAEP Writing Report Card published in 1999, 23 percent of fourth graders, 27 percent of eighth graders, and 22 percent of high school seniors, write at the "proficient" level. The push is on in schools across the U.S. to improve students' writing skills. This week, Education World provides five lesson plans to support that effort.

Better Book Reports -- 25 Ideas!
Tired of the same old book report formats? Do your students grumble every time you mention the words book reports? Spice up those old book reports with some new ideas. Education World presents 25 ideas for you to use or adapt.

Lit to Fit: Literature Lessons for Every Grade
Instructor Marcia Goudie says, "The Internet has put literature into the teachers' hands." Her Web site -- Children's Literature Activities for the Classroom -- directs educators in the direction of lessons made to fit the literary works they teach.

Building on Biographies -- Bringing Real-Life Stories Into Your Curriculum!
Who can dispute the value of a good story? Though students may initially view them as dull, biographies are the stuff that great classroom activities are made of -- history, honest, and heroism. With the help of the Internet, every teacher can bring biographies into the classroom!

Vocabulary and Spelling: Do Your Students Say Boring?
It is hard to argue the fact that a good vocabulary is an asset in life. What greater service can teachers perform than to help students foster their understanding of words? The Internet offers many tools for young etymologists and an abundance of great ideas for teaching vocabulary and spelling. Dig for definitions and pry for pronunciations -- virtual vocabulary has no limits!

Spell It Out!
Spelling lessons and activities from Education World can help your students join in the fun of the 74th annual National Spelling Bee. It takes place next week in Washington, D.C.

Author! Author! Activities for National Children's Book Week!
Celebrate the joy of reading during National Children's Book Week! To recognize this special observance, Education World offers ten lessons to spark students' curiosity about the wonderful world of books! Included: Activities that engage students in writing sequels to a classic story, "interviewing" people in biographies, completing surveys about their reading interests, participating in a poetry slam, and much more!

Read All About It! Ten Terrific Newspaper Lessons!
Education World celebrates National Newspaper Week with ten lessons to help you integrate the newspaper into your classroom curriculum. Included: Activities that involve students in interviewing a local newspaper reporter, creating editorial cartoons, comparing newspapers, and much more!

Building on Biographies -- Bringing Real-Life Stories Into Your Curriculum!
Who can dispute the value of a good story? Though students may initially view them as dull, biographies are the stuff that great classroom activities are made of -- history, honesty, and heroism. With the help of the Internet, every teacher can bring biographies into their classrooms! Included: Ten activities that begin with biographies!

Harry Potter Haiku
Kids by the dozens are creating original Harry Potter haiku and posting them to the Web! If you are a teacher who is looking for a fun -- and educational -- activity, why not turn students' enthusiasm for all things Harry Potter into a creative writing opportunity?

Folktales of Cooperation for Your K-3 Class
Are you looking for a fun and effective way of promoting the spirit of cooperation in your K through 3 classrooms? This week ---National Library Week--- Elaine Lindy, creator of the Absolutely Whootie Web site, shares three favorite folktales that will get kids thinking and talking about the importance of cooperation! After you use the tales in the classroom, why not send them home so the discussion about cooperation can continue? Included: Lindy shares follow-up activities and tips.

Calling on the Muse: Exercises to Unlock the Poet Within
I think that I shall never see ... well-disciplined creativity! How often has that thought crossed your mind? Don't despair! The experts -- working poets who teach their craft--- share their secrets for instructing and inspiring budding poets. Included: Exercises to help students access their creative powers and produce well-crafted poems.

A Quotation a Day: Just What the Language Doctor Ordered!
Many teachers have discovered the power of famous quotations. Such quotations can be used to develop students' writing and critical thinking skills. Included: "Why use quotations?" *plus* a quotation a day for 180 days of school.

Priceless Works of Language Arts: Invaluable Activities!
There are many ways to enrich the language arts lessons you teach. One is to add gems from the Internet to your collection. Teachers everywhere share their priceless bits of wisdom through mailing lists and publish their best ideas on Web sites. Let's mine the Web for golden reading, grammar, and language activities!

Kids Can W.R.I.T.E. (Write, Revise, Inform, Think, and Edit) --- Activities for Every Grade!
In July of 1965, Snoopy's first line as an author was, "It was a dark and stormy night." We can't all have his wonderful way with words -- written at least -- but we can work on it! How do you help your students overcome their fear of the blank page? How can you make writing an exercise in personal expression, not drudgery? One key to better writing is better writing assignments -- and the Internet has them! Let's tour a few of the finest writing activities that the Web has to offer!

Vocabulary and Spelling: Do Your Students Say 'Boring'?
Henry Ward Beecher said, "All words are pegs to hang ideas on." If words are pegs, does it follow that the more words we know, the more ideas we may have? True or not, it is hard to argue the fact that a good vocabulary is an asset in life. What greater service can teachers perform than to help students foster their understanding of words? The Internet offers many tools for young etymologists and an abundance of great ideas for teaching vocabulary and spelling. Dig for definitions and pry for pronunciations --- virtual vocabulary has no limits!

'Every Day' Activities: Language
Build vocabulary skills, spelling skills, literature awareness, thinking skills, and more with daily fun. Make it a goal to work one of these Web sites into your lesson plans in the year ahead!

Rhyme Time: Poetry Plans and Projects
"If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry," said Emily Dickinson. Many students wouldn't disagree! Even the best teachers and students can be perplexed by poetry, but it doesn't have to be a painful experience. The Web is a rich source of verse and activities that make use of poetry. Bring poetry into your classroom through monitor and modem with the help of these activities!

Tired of the same old book report formats? Or worse, do your students grumble every time you mention "book reports"? Spice up those old book reports with some new ideas. Education World presents 25 ideas for you to use or adapt. In addition: Ideas for cyber book reports!

Taking the "Pain" out of Lesson Planning: Children's Book Resources on the Web
Teachers are the original "borrowers." But there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good idea -- especially when it is volunteered! National Children's Book Week (November 16 to 22, 1999) provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a few of the Internet's best resources for teaching with children's books. So, books closed, pencils away, and monitors on -- it's time for some S.S.R. (Super Story Resources)! Included: Resources for teaching literature for teachers PreK to grade 12!

ABC Books Aren't for Babies!
Looking for some inspiration for an activity that will engage students -- from kindergarten to college -- while they learn? Why not challenge students to create their own ABC books? Included: More than 200 ABC book ideas -- spanning the grades and the curriculum!

Reading Activities for Read-In! Day!
Teachers who've joined The Read In! share their favorite reading activity ideas. Included: Theme ideas for reading fun!

25 Ideas to Motivate Young Readers!
To celebrate Children's Book Week, the folks at the BOOK-IT! Program have given permission for Education World to reprint 25 great ideas from teachers -- ideas that are sure to get kids across the grades excited about reading!

Seventh Graders Writing Italian Sonnets? You Bet!
Glori Chaika's students at Slidell (Louisiana) Junior High School are among the most-often published poets in the country. Let's take a look at a program that has kids writing all kinds of poems---from quatrains to limericks to (yes!) Italian sonnets.


Pine City Public School children benefit every day from the hard work of our school board. February 19th through February 23rd is School Board Recognition Week, so take the time to thank these dedicated leaders for spending countless hours away from their own families and jobs so all our children can get a good education.

Learn About Concurrent Enrollment on February 26

Concurrent enrollment allows our students to enroll in classes at PCHS while at the same time, earn college credit through a partnering institution.  We currently have in-house concurrent enrollment in math, English, science, social studies, world language, and Family Consumer Science (FACS).  We are always looking to expand and better this concurrent enrollment for our students.  

Concurrent enrollment classes are free college credits.  Families pay nothing for tuition, books, etc.  Student's transcripts look the same as if they were taking these classes on a college campus.

There are items that students need to know about concurrent enrollment.  Because this information is important, all prospective parents/students, and current students/parents should consider attending this important orientation.  

Monday, February 26.  6:30pm  During parent/teacher conferences
HS Media Center
Presenters:  Kierstan Peck and Jodie Klinkhammer, Pine Technical and Community College

Agenda as follows with q and a session during and at the end:·         PTCC Concurrent Enrollment Program
·         Student eligibility
·         Application process
·         Important Deadlines
·         Student Expectations
·         Characteristics of a Successful Student
·         Advantages of Concurrent Enrollment
·         Impacts of Concurrent Enrollment

Knowledge Bowl Winners

A total of 19 fifth and sixth grade students from Pine City Elementary School participated in this year's Knowledge Bowl program.  Knowledge Bowl is an after school activity which challenges the students' knowledge of facts in the areas of science, geography, math, language, history and general trivia. Students practice as teams once a week, giving up their recess time to practice.  The Pine City teams competed against teams from Rush City and Mora.  Pine City students worked hard and improved on their teamwork and knowledge throughout the season. Pine City was able to earn two first place trophies, two second place trophies as well as one third place trophies this season. ​

Hoops for Hope Raises Over $950

On Friday, January 26  the Pine City Girls' Basketball team had Hoops for Hope night.  Through donations, t-shirt, and ice cream sundae sales, the team raised $950.  This money will be sent to The Harbor Room at Cambridge Hospital and the Cancer Kids Fund at Children's Hospital.  A big thank to the community for their support!

26th Annual District Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the winner of the 26th Annual District Spelling Bee, Anthony Bergeron!  Anthony will represent Pine City Schools at the Regional Bee in Sartell.  Robert Eckert was our runner up followed closely by Nathan Noreen.  Great job students!  ​

A Dragon Gets The Call Up From Saints

Pine City senior Jake Rademacher has committed to play at The College of St. Scholastica next year.

Jake Rademacher will leave Pine City as a three time captain, and was a All-Conference and All-Section selection as a junior while leading the team to the Sub-Section Finals.  The Dragons are currently 12-5 and sitting second in the Conference.

"Jake and I have been together for 4 years" said Head Coach Kyle Allen.  "It is a big deal to be voted a captain three times.  The boys believe in him, they follow him.  Jake has done a great job to purposefully become a great leader.  He was very fortunate to learn under Kole Jusczak and Noah Adams when he was a sophomore.  He has been my go-to-guy since Noah and Kole graduated".

Rademacher will be the first player under Allen to go to St. Scholastica to play basketball, where Allen played collegiately.  Jake will play for Coach David Staniger at CSS, who also coached Allen.

"Jake had some great options to choose from" Allen said.  "I tried to stay as non-bias as possible throughout the whole process for Jake.  I didn't think there was a bad option on the table for him.  But I have to admit, when he told me he was going to CSS, I was pretty excited!"

St. Scholastica is apart of the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference.  Crown College, where former Dragon Kole Jusczak plays, is also a member of this conference.

Dan Peterson Recognized by MSBA

​Dan Peterson was recognized the Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) Conference on January 11th, 2018, with two awards. He received the MSBA Leadership Development Certificate. This certificate is awarded to members who have completed Phase 1, 2, and 3 training. He also was awarded the MSBA Service Award for 30 Years service as a school board member. Dan has been a Pine City School board member since July 1st, 1988. Congratulations! Thank you Dan for all of your support and commitment to the community and students of Pine City.

PCHS Students Visit University of MN Campus

Mr. Allen's POL: 1001 class went to their field day at The University of Minnesota where former State Supreme Court Justice Paul Anderson presented to the group. ​

Pine City Reads


Due to the resignation of board member, Steven Odegard, Pine City Public Schools is seeking a person interested in serving on the board through December 2018. This seat will be up for election at the next school board election which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  This vacancy will be filled by majority vote of the remaining six members of the board on January 29, 2018.

Interested candidates must file an Affidavit of Candidacy in the School District Office January 9 - 23, 2018.
District Office hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM.
           Pine City Public Schools District Office
           1400 Main Street South
Pine City, MN 55063

Questions? Please call Deb Wagner at 320-629-4010 or email:  dwagner@isd578.org

Hoops for Hope

Orders are due Friday, Jan. 12th.

All money goes to the Harbor Room and Children's Cancer.

Order forms available at the HS from Joan Thieman and in the EL office.  Click here to download a PDF of the order form.  All orders should be submitted to Kathryn Olson at the EL or Joan Thieman at the HS.

Motivational Interviewing

18 staff from Pine City Public Schools, Hinckley Finlayson Public Schools, Therapeutic Services Agency Inc, and Moose Lake/Willow River Public School participated in a two day motivational interviewing training.  The majority of this training was funded through a grant that Pine City Public Schools got through the Greater Pine Area Endowment fund.  The training concentrated on motivational interviewing skills specifically to address absenteeism in PIne County.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a client/student centered, semi-directive method of engaging individuals in treatment or behavioral change. MI aims to promote and increase motivation to change behaviors by exploring and resolving any issues of ambivalence the client/student may be experiencing that are blocking them from making the changes they want to make. 

Data Privacy Day is January 28

Data Privacy Day is an effort to get people involved in protecting their personal information and learning more about online safety and data privacy – at home, at work, and in their community. Everyone is encouraged to get involved, secure their personal information, and practice online safety. The National Cyber Security Alliance leads the effort and offers resources on their StaySafeOnline website. Additional resources, including Tips for Parents on Raising Privacy-Savvy Kids are available on the STOP.THINK.CONNECT website.

1000 Points! Congratulations to Sophomore Lily Wilson!

 Links to Parent/Family Resources available via the PCHS Guidance Office web page, using the drop down menu and choosing Parent Resources for Suicide Prevention or by clicking here.  Parent Resources for Suicide Prevention

 PCES Sixth Graders Share Messages of Kindness Via Chalk Art

Kindergartners Spread Kindness

A whole school goal for the month of November is to spread kindness. Also, the first week of every month, we do a kindness activity as a class. Last week, the kids all came in so excited about trick or treating. They shared that they had SO much candy! The conversation got me thinking about all the candy my own children had received. I remembered that Fairview Clinics collect candy and send it to the troops who are serving over seas. I told the kids about this and explained that some people don't get to eat candy or snacks very often. The kids came up with the idea all on their own that we should donate some of our candy! I had a bag of candy and put it into our donation bin. I said they were welcome to bring in any unwanted candy the following days and I would bring it to Fairview. And then this happened... SEVEN KIDS WENT OUT TO THEIR BACKPACKS IN THE COAT ROOM AND BROUGHT IN A PIECE OF CANDY TO DONATE! WOW!!! I was brought to tears to see my students putting others before themselves! Last Friday, I took a garbage bag almost full of candy to Fairview! When I took the candy to Fairview, we were not expecting anything in return. However, they were so happy to receive the candy, they donated 7 brand new hard cover books to our class. What a great lesson these kids have learned about kindness! I could not be more proud! SPREAD KINDNESS!

Danielle Rydberg

Students Attend ProjectEARTH

PCHS students attended  ProjectEARTH.  They spent a great day on the campus of St. John's University outdoors learning about our EARTH.

Congratulation to Girls' Tennis

Lydia Adams is Section 7A Girls' Tennis Individuals Champion and heading to the State Tournament next Thursday, October 26.  Emily Carpenter and Alison Brown took third in doubles.  Great job, ladies!

Turkey Time at PCHS

​The Pine City School District School Board thanks everyone who participated in the survey about the proposed 2017-2022 District Strategic Plan. We received over 560 responses from students, employees, parent/guardians, and business and community members.
The next step for the School Board will be to review the results at the July 10th board meeting. Results will be posted following the meeting.  For additional information, please click here to go to isd578.org/strategicplan

College Knowledge Month

October is College Knowledge Month (CKM) and it has arrived at PCHS!  CKM helps schools establish and build upon a culture of college-readiness. It communicates to all students the importance of preparing for and applying to college (all colleges,trade/vocational and 2 & 4 year!) It serves to engage and inform underrepresented students, and to increase the number of MN seniors who complete the college admissions process.
Activities going on this month include Friday college apparel days, a scavenger hunt, college door decorating, application day (counselors helping seniors apply to at least 1 school or career), Senior high counselor, Mrs. Brubaken, talking to students about scholarships, fee waivers, and application process, and so much more!

Student Act Out MacBeth

Mrs.Waggoner's sophomore students act out Act I of Macbeth with props, costumes, and accents! Students are learning the trade of acting to fully immerse themselves in Shakespeare's world of drama!

25th Annual Legislative Forum

​   On the evening of October 5, 2017, the St. Croix River Education District hosted the 25th Annual Legislative Forum.  The purpose of this event is to give area school administrators and board members the opportunity to interact with legislators to discuss the upcoming session.  As participants register, they submit questions and concerns from their local districts; then at the forum, legislators' or their staff members address those
   Commissioner of Education, Dr. Brenda Casselius, was a special guest at this fall's Legislative Forum.  Dr. Casselilus emphasized the importance of regional cooperation for effective planning purposes as well as meeting the needs of special education learners and students needing help with low-incidence situations such as hearing problems or gifted and talented education.  SCRED Executive Director Jamie Nord is pictured with the Commissioner.

Homecoming 2017

Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) Keeps Dragon Football Players Safe

Dear Dragon Parents and Families, 
This is a reminder of our early release day Wednesday, October 18, 2017.  There will be no afternoon preschool.
Students in grades K-3 will be dismissed at 12:38 and grades 4-6 will be dismissed at 12:43. Buses will leave the elementary at 12:50. We have child supervision from 12:38 - 3:00 on early release days. Families in need of supervision are asked to call the elementary office this week so we can plan staffing accordingly. Students remaining in school for this supervision will be in the auditorium. The only transportation available will be at the 12:50 dismissal. Parents making use of the early release supervision will need to come into the building and pick their child up at the 3:00 dismissal time.

Students will be dismissed  at 12:55.  The early release schedule of classes is posted in each teacher's classroom on orange paper.  The bells will be turned off.  Teachers will dismiss their classes each hour. There is 4 minutes passing time between classes.
Period 1 - 8:10-8:39
Period 2 - 8:43-9:11
​Period 3 - 9:15-9:43
Period 5 - 9:47-10:15
Period 6 - 10:19-10:48
Period 4 - 10:52-12:15
Lunch 1 - 10:52-11:17
Lunch 2 - 11:21-11:46
Lunch 3 - 11:50-12:15
Period 7 - 12:19-12:55

Grades 7-12 Students, if you need to stay in school from 1 pm until 3:30 pm, the 7th grade commons will be available.  All other areas of the school are closed because there is no supervision.

Thank you,
Annette K. Freiheit

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Students in Mr. Schlichting's Introduction to Engineering and Design were challenged to create a cable car that would travel across a fishing line. ​

Tackle Cancer Night - October 6

Join the Varsity Dragon football team for Tackle Cancer night on October 6th at 7pm vs. Mora.

The Pine City Dragon football team is fundraising for the Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund. We will be selling the t-shirt for $15. Forms can be picked up with Joan at the front desk in the high school, with Danielle Allen in the Elementary, or you may find it linked on the school's home page. Forms should be handed into Joan or Danielle by September 20th. Any forms submitted after that date will cost $20/ shirt.

Thank you for your support!


Chain Reaction by Rachel's Challenge

Dragon Technology Summit - September 19 
Visit www.isd578.org/summit for complete information

2017 - 18 School Supply List

Welcome to our New Teachers

The HS Media Center will also be open for pick up during the day on August 27 through August 30 from 7:30 to 3:30.

Click here for more information.


Members of PCHS classes 1977 and prior are encouraged to mark their calendars for Saturday, August 12, 2017.  The reunion will be held at the Grand Casino Ballroom in Hinckley, with over 500 anticipated to attend.  Check-in and social time will begin at 11:00 with a sit-down dinner scheduled for 1:00.  Again this year there will be several meal options.  Please CLICK HERE to download a PDF version of the invitation.

​Click here 
​to find out all of the fun things to do in your community this summer!!  More activities will be added so check back often!

MDE Releases List of Programs and Resources for a healthy and educational summer

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has created an updated list of resources and programs for families to have access to affordable learning opportunities over the summer.  Visit MDE's Summer Learning web page for information on how to find appropriate reading materials, practice math skills, participate in STEM projects, and find free nutritious meals. We hope your child has a healthy and educational summer. ​
Pine City High School has been designated by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association as a Safe Sports School; meaning crucial steps have been taken to prevent injuries to athletes. FirstLight Certified Athletic Trainers are helping to keep community student athletes safe.

Young Author Illustrator Conference

A group of Pine City Elementary Students from grades 4-6 participated in the Young Author Young Illustrator Conference at the College of Saint Benedict.  This conference is a celebration of student writing and creative expression.  Published writers, illustrators and artists worked with the students helping them to expand their writing skills and creative abilities.  In addition to a fantastic keynote address, students attended 3 different breakout session and came away with new ideas to stimulate and enhance their love of writing and illustrating.  ​

49th Annual Bill Harter Memorial Field Day Candids

Class of 2017 Scholarships & Awards

The Pine City community should be proud of the commitment being made to further the education of our graduates. We are aware of over $291,000.00 being awarded for the first year of college, and of that, over $71,400.00 coming from local contributions. A very big “THANK YOU” needs to be given to the many organizations who make scholarships a priority in our community. Of the graduating Class of 2017, 38% will attend a four year college, 34% will attend a community or technical college/school, 22% will work full time, 4% will be in the military, and 2% is undecided. It is with great pride and gratitude that we present the scholarships for 2017.

Dragon Tennis Player Advances to State

​Santiago Ospino took 2nd place in Section 6A singles and qualified for the state tennis tournament next week. Good Luck next week Santi! Parker Sell took 4th.

Second Graders Build Houses

Miss Johnson's 2nd grade reading class has loved reading about Benjamin Franklin and his many inventions this week. The kids got to invent like Ben by building houses that would protect the three little pigs from the big bad wolf using only straws and marshmallows!

Second Graders Visit Mill City Museum

2nd graders visited the Mill City Museum. The classes had a fun time learning that water = power!

3 Dragons Speaking at State Speech Meet

This Saturday Jared Barker, Allie Gosen and Alan Rogers will be competing in the State Speech meet at Apple Valley High School on Saturday beginning at 10:15 AM.  Jared Barker will be competing in Extemporaneous Speaking by crafting supported opinions about current events.  Allie Gosen will be performing her original piece, "An Ugly Sweater Cinderella Story" in Creative Expression.  Alan Rogers will be spinning yarns by putting his personal touch on folk tales in the Storytelling category. ​

Pie the Principal 2017

Pie the Principal raised $500 from PCHS students and staff.  Two generous and anonymous benefactors matched that amount for a grand total of $1500 being raised for A Place for You, a local transitional homeless shelter.  

Remembering Columbine

​As today is the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, students participated in an activity in which they followed Rachel Joy Scott's example by drawing hands and writing how they'll make a difference in the world! We remember you, Rachel!


Kindness Week 2017 is here at Pine City High School! This video serves as an amazing reminder of just how far a little kindness can go.  Go out and perform random acts of kindness for others!  Happy Kindness Week! GO DRAGONS!

Kindness Week Activities 2017

At this time we would like to make you aware that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our food service software.  If you have submitted a payment recently, it may not be accurately reflected on your account balance.  We are able to see that payments have been made and will be directing those payments to the proper accounts once this situation has been resolved.

We will send a follow-up email when we believe the issue has been resolved.  We anticipate that this will be solved before next Friday.

Please be aware that your student will not be denied meals due to this situation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Food Service Director Hannah Knickerbocker at 320-629-4167 or via email at hknickerbocker@isd578.org.


The CIS Public Speaking students headed to the elementary once again to interact with this years kindergarteners!  What a great morning of storytelling!

Pine City Elementary Art Month Exhibit - You're invited!

There will be a student art exhibit at Pine City Elementary School in conjunction with the annual band and choir concerts on May 11 and 16.  Artwork created by all students in grades 1-6 during the art teacher residency program in April will be featured in the hallways adjacent to the auditorium.  The exhibit will be open for viewing by the public on the evening of Thursday, May 11, during school hours on Friday, May 12 as well as Monday and Tuesday May 15 & 16 and concludes with the evening choir concert Tuesday, May 16.

The theme for the students' explorations was "Hello World".  Under the guidance of art teacher Judy Nygard Broekemeier, students discovered many ways artists are inspired by the world around them and how to express those ideas and feelings in a variety of media.  All students thought about their place in the world and where they might like to go on a 'dream' vacation.  3rd through 6th graders also carved and painted symbols into clay 'talking' rocks which will be on display as part of the exhibit.  ​

Here is a picture of a check for $2,030 being presented to A Place for You from the funds raised by the Staff, Parents, Students & Supporters from Pine City High School from Kindness Week.  The picture includes; board Chairs Nancy Mach & Pam Greden; and Executive Director Linda Cassman.

Good Times at Family Fun Night Sponsored by Title I

Krypto Challenge 2017

5th and 6th grade students had an opportunity to participate in the 5th Annual Krytpo Tournament. Krypto is a math game where students are given 5 numbers to add, subtract, multiply or divide to reach a target number.  All students in 5th and 6th grade were invited to participate.

Easter Egg Inferences

Students in Mrs. Munden's class read a passage, then shook the egg and used the clues in the text and what they already know to make an inference about what is in the egg.

CIS Algebra Studies Probability

​In CIS Algebra through modeling, we are studying probability. Each of the students had to create a game, calculate its probability, and we invited the Dragon Academy to play the games for a carnival on Wednesday 4/5/17. Then we were able to look at differences between the theoretical and actual probabilities. ​
A copy of an email sent to all parents and guardians:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This email is to make you aware of a situation that occurred at the high school on Thursday, April 13th. The District is actively addressing the issue and working with the Sheriff's department to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff. I have included the Sheriff Department's Facebook posting below. We will continue to be vigilant and follow our safety protocols (all doors are locked all day, visitors must be buzzed in and check in at the office/reception) at all of our school buildings. 

Pine County Sheriff's Office Facebook Posting on Saturday, April 15, 2017: Our office has been advised of social media posts being circulated in regards to a threat to students at the Pine City High School. We have been informed that the posts indicate parents may be keeping students home on Monday due to an alleged threat of violence that may have been made. Our office in conjunction with school officials have investigated this allegation and found it to be unfounded. At no time was a threat of violence made to the students or staff of the Pine City High School that involved guns or explosives. Should an actual threat of this nature have been made, parents, students and staff should know that our office would have investigated the matter and taken all appropriate action to ensure the safety of everyone. As always we will work with the school districts to always ensure the safety of every student. Our office has a deputy assigned to the Pine City School District who has been working on this matter along with other officers. Officers will be present at the school on Monday morning to assist school officials with any lingering questions or safety concerns students, staff or the general public may have. Thank you.

Thank you,
Annette K. Freiheit
Annette K. Freiheit
Annette K. Freiheit
Superintendent, Pine City Public Schools

Goods and Services Week in Kindergarten

During goods and services week, Kindergarten students invited parents to come talk about their jobs. We had a police officer from Chisago County come show us her tools and talk about how she helps people. The students had to decide whether being a police officer was a good or a service. They will be writing about a good and a service to fulfill a need.
Dear Parents and Students attending the academic awards ceremony tonight,

The advertised art show and ice cream originally advertised prior to the academic awards ceremony will not happen tonight
Students Attend ProjectEARTH

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