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Bf3 Assignments Armored Kill Download

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is out soon. Take a few seconds to study the 10 Assignments below so you know what to expect once this all-out vehicle warfare expansion pack hits.

Premium Exclusive Assignments
These Assignments are available exclusively for our Battlefield 3: Premium members and unlock new dog tags. These will be available immediately in Armored Kill. Premium members will also get additional Assignments once the expansion pack has been out for a while. Stay tuned.

Armored Superiority
Unlocks the Armored Superiority Basic Dog Tag
50 kills in MBT’s


Mechanised Infantry
Unlocks the Mechanised Infantry Basic Dog Tag
50 kills in IFV’s


Unlocks the Get to tha Choppa Basic Dog Tag
50 kills with scout or attack helicopters
Destroy 25 MBT’s with scout or attack helicopters


Unlocks the Maverick Basic Dog Tag
50 kills with jets
Destroy 25 attack or scout helicopters with jets


Need A Ride?
Unlocks the Need a Ride Basic Dog Tag
50 kills in jeeps, boats, quads or transport helicopters
50 squad driver assists


More To Come
Stay tuned for more Premium exclusive Assignments when you have had a chance to familiarise yourself with Armored Kill and all of its new hardware!

Assignments Open To All

Wired Attack
Unlocks Tank Destroyer TOW
Destroy 10 Tank Destroyers and 1 Mobile Artillery


Explosive Danger
Unlocks HE ammo for Tank Destroyers
Get 15 kills with Tank Destroyer


Need Repair
Unlocks Tank Destroyer Firing Extinguisher
Repair 20 friendly vehicles


Rocket Specialist
Unlocks Airburst for Mobile Artillery
Get 10 kills with Mobile Artillery


Anti-Air Support
Unlocks Anti-air missiles for Mobile Artillery
Get 15 kills in the Gunship


Achievements/Trophies In Armored Kill

Death From Above
Get a kill with the Gunship 20G/Bronze

Destroy the Gunship 30G/Silver

Get a kill with the quad bike 20G/Bronze

Win a round of Tank Superiority 20G/Bronze

Get 10 kills each with Tank destroyer and Mobile Artillery 30G/Silver

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is out September 4th for PS3 Premium members and September 11 for Xbox 360+PC Premium members.

Buy Premium Now On Origin For PC



I really like this expansion over B2K and CQ. I bought Battlefield for the epic battles with tanks, jets, choppers, and the like. BFBC2I really like this expansion over B2K and CQ. I bought Battlefield for the epic battles with tanks, jets, choppers, and the like. BFBC2 ruined some of the fun I had going with each expansion in the series, and 2142 is no different. BF3 brings it all back, although, if anything the maps still feel too small. How about a jet only map similar to Coral Sea and really expand the fighting area. I love the fact that uncap areas are off limits. My only gripe is that the AA/Tunguska is no where to be found in most games. It spawns, but it's either the favorite target of everyone or I just cannot ever find except when I'm in a jet of course.

I'll admit, my skill in this game is terrible. And yet, one game I'll be in the top 3, the next dead last. Balancing the game is more important in this DLC with teams. It really is evidenced when you are at a flag in one tank and the rest of your team is AFK, charging off alone in random jeeps, or waiting for the helicopter/jet. Meanwhile, I'm a sitting duck for the coordinated tank army fast approaching. And the AC-130, I love it. I hate it when I get shot capping a flag, but it adds an element that is super fresh and fun. I find myself only joining servers with this DLC or have this DLC in constant rotation. I have no major complaints. If anything it is still too small. This is coming from someone who plays flight simulators (ironic that I would play arcade); if anything I would like to see double or triple the size. Have us in what they call a furball with guns blazing, missles flying, and even have crazy stuff like battleships with AA, emulate real Tunguskas, and dare I say terrifying things like S300s. Bring in things like flying under the radar, loft bombing, and other cool things. Keep it arcade, but add in more elements and bigger areas so I do not feel like my role is to do 8G turns the whole time.…Expand

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