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Descriptive Essay About Neighbourhood

Unformatted text preview: Pd.6 Mrs. Seamons Descriptive Essay My Neighborhood Previous to living here, I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada in a suburb of Las Vegas. This was an advantage. The roads throughout the area, the schools I went to, and the quality of the places I went were very elaborate and particularly nice. The weather was almost always tolerable, even in the winter. Even during the windy season, the weather was beautiful. I had many favorite places, but the place I remember the most about is my neighborhood. My neighborhood was located across the street from the wash. It was actually fairly nice looking and hardly ever had garbage lying around. Everyone would do their jogging, bike riding, and walking down the wash. I remember many days spent walking down there. It was very well known and used by the people who lived around it. The appearance of my actual neighborhood was graceful. There were lots of trees, green grass, and almost always a light breeze blowing in the air. Everyone kept their yard very neat and grass, and almost always a light breeze blowing in the air....
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My Neighbors

My Neighbors :

Neighbors play an important role in our social life. A good neighbor makes our life sweet where bad neighbor makes a hell of it. One cannot have neighbotus of one’s choice.

Shirr Rasha Krishnan is my next door neighbors. He is a clerk in a private establishment. He has two sons and three daughters. His mother and youngster sister also live with him. Early in the morning there is generally a quarrel between Rasha Krishnan’s wife and his mother. When they are quarrelling, he looks on haplessly. The two ladies abuse each other loudly. Many passersby collect on the roadside to enjoy the fun.

His children are also very naughty. They spoil our garden and pick floors. They also pick up quarrel with my younger brothers and sisters. They are dirty and they misbehave with strangers. They fight among themselves even in the presence of their mother.

Mrs. Rasha Krishnan is a terror to all the ladies of the street. She throws garbage near our gate. She has the habit of backbiting. She borrows sugar, wheat flour and other sundries from all the Neighbours but never returns what she borrows. She is fat and ugly but she considers herself very beautiful.

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